Europe / European Union

How are the Russians celebrating the centennial of the Revolution?

Mira Milosevich-Juaristi. ARI 104/2017 (English version) - 18/12/2017.

The attitude of the Russians towards the historical legacy of the Revolution is ambiguous and confused, leading to a sense of apathy with respect to the current regime.

Strategic autonomy and European defence

Félix Arteaga. ARI 102/2017 (English version) - 12/12/2017.

The most oft-repeated objective of the re-launching of European defence is to achieve strategic autonomy for the EU. Despite its frequent invocation, the concept of strategic autonomy has different meanings and purposes.

The Strategic Review of French National Defence and Security in 2017

Félix Arteaga. Expert Comment 52/2017 (English version) - 12/12/2017.

Although the title of this comment suggests something different, the Strategic Review focuses on the defence and armed forces of France, and not on the country’s national security.

Austria in Europe: dynamic perceptions and ambiguous politics

Paul Schmidt. ARI 101/2017 - 11/12/2017.

After snap legislative elections in October a new government coalition will now redefine Austria’s commitment to European integration.

The ‘combination’: an instrument in Russia’s information war in Catalonia

Mira Milosevich-Juaristi. ARI 92/2017 (English version) - 20/11/2017.

During the independence referendum in Catalonia, Russia used the ‘combination’ (kombinaciya), an operation can integrate instruments such as cyber warfare, cyber-intelligence, disinformation, propaganda and collaboration with players hostile to the values of liberal democracy.

Germany and France: ready to tango?

Ulrich Speck. Expert Comment 46/2017 - 23/10/2017.

A ‘great leap forward’ in European integration is very unlikely to occur in the German-French discussions on the EU, which will probably start in early 2018.

Merkel pays a high price for her fourth term

Miguel Otero-Iglesias. Expert Comment 43/2017 (English version) - 9/10/2017.

The German exception has come to an end. Like its neighbours, the German people, and their elites, will have to deal with the problem of an exclusionary, anti-globalisation, anti-EU and anti-immigration nationalism.

Turkey and the EU must stand together for a better future

Ömer Çelik. 27/9/2017.

As a candidate and negotiating country, Turkey is closely following the recent developments and debates about the EU’s current situation and future, since they are intimately related to its own future.

Transforming the United Nations: countering the US budget-cut threats

Jessica Almqvist. ARI 71/2017 - 18/9/2017.

The US threat of budget cuts or other means of reducing the importance of the United Nations highlights the need for a more independent and balanced organisation through the reinvigorated role of other powers, such as the EU.

The shrinking Euro-Mediterranean policy space

Gonzalo Escribano. ARI 69/2017 (English version) - 14/9/2017.

The transformations that have taken place in the EU’s Mediterranean Neighbourhood have reduced the options for a shrinking Euro-Mediterranean policy.