Demography & International Migrations

Are Spaniards emigrating?

Carmen González-Enríquez. ARI 39/2013 (Translated from Spanish) - 8/10/2013.

Contrary to what numerous media reports seem to suggest, current Spanish emigration is very slight.

Youth unemployment in Spain

Carmen González Enríquez. Expert Comment 31/2013 - 16/4/2013 (English version).

A common notion circulating inside and outside Spain is that over half of young Spaniards (aged 16-24) are unemployed –a ‘fact’ which furthers the image of deep crisis in Spain–.

The EU performance in the global competition for highly-skilled migrants

Carmen González, Roderick Parkes, Alicia Sorroza and Andreas Ette. TGAE-Elcano 4/2013 - 26/3/2013.

It is still impossible to evaluate the Blue Card’s effect but the changes that have taken place in the European migratory framework since its approval in 2009 should now allow the re-drafting of the Directive to offer a more attractive channel to qualified immigrants.

Temporary Migration between Morocco and Spain (ARI)

Carmen González Enríquez. ARI 111/2011 (Translated from Spanish) - 21/7/2011. Go to Spanish version

European institutions and international bodies now present Spain's management of temporary migration from Morocco as a success story to be emulated.

Germany, the Schengen Crisis and Frontex: A Funny Kind of Pro-Europeanism (ARI)

Roderick Parkes. ARI 99/2011 - 26/5/2011.

Is Germany’s new position on Schengen a sign of the ‘normalisation’ of its European policy?

Recent Arrivals of Migrants and Asylum Seekers by Sea to Italy: Problems and Reactions (ARI)

Paola Monzini. ARI 75/2011 - 13/4/2011.

The Italian government’s answer to the mass arrival of undocumented migrants and asylum seekers since the beginning of the present wave of political turmoil in North Africa must be seen in the context of both domestic political issues and international constraints.

Arizona: The Criminalisation of an Immigrant Population (ARI)

Doris Marie Provine. ARI 3/2011 - 13/1/2011. Go to Spanish version

The Arizona Senate's Bill 1070 on immigration, currently subject to an injunction, is at the heart of the political tension in the state. The bill was blocked by the Department of Justicea few days before it came into effect and after a Federal Judge in Arizona suspended its most controversial provisions. Its future remains in the hands of the Court of Appeal.

France and Deporting the Roma: How Did We Get There? (ARI)

Christophe Bertossi. ARI 146/2010 (Translated from Spanish) - 17/11/2010. Go to Spanish version

The deportation of Rumanian and Bulgarian Roma from France led to international condemnation while it was widely accepted by French public opinion.

The Criminalisation of an Immigrant Population (ARI)

Doris Marie Provine. ARI 120/2010 - 21/7/2010.

Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070, that goes into effect on 29 July, criminalises the failure to carry immigration documents.

Frontex: Successful Blame Shifting of the Member States? (ARI)

Jorrit J. Rijpma. ARI 69/2010 - 13/4/2010.

Frontex has been often criticised for failing to take action against the deaths of asylum seekers and migrants trying to reach Europe by crossing the sea.