Cambio Climático / Climate Change

The Paris Agreement after Trump and the future of climate action

Lara Lázaro. Expert Comment 29/2017 - 6/6/2017.

The message from world leaders is clear: there is no intention of abandoning an agreement that has taken over five years to negotiate. The world will move forwards towards a low-carbon future despite Trump’s efforts to hold it back.

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Gonzalo Escribano. Comentario Elcano 28/2017 - 6/6/2017. Go to Spanish version

Assessing the design elements in the Spanish renewable electricity auction: an international comparison

Pablo del Río. WP 6/2017 - 17/4/2017.

The RES-E (electricity from renewable energy sources) auction in Spain is quite different from other international experiences regarding key design elements, namely investment-based support, uniform pricing, lax prequalification and penalties.

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Gonzalo Escribano y Lara Lázaro. ARI 32/2017 - 6/4/2017. Go to Spanish version

Climate change in COP 22: irreversibility of action and rulebook development despite the elephant in the room

Lara Lázaro-Touza. ARI 88/2016 - 19/12/2016.

The design of the Paris Agreement set the stage for a technical meeting in COP 22 but the stakes were raised in the aftermath of the US election. Implementation, increased ambition and a just transition are the pending tasks.

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Lara Lázaro. Comentario Elcano 44/2016 - 7/11/2016. Go to Spanish version

China and climate change: the good, the bad and the ugly

Lara Lázaro and Mario Esteban. ARI 70/2016 - 3/10/2016.

Although much remains to be done by China to set the world on a climate-bearable path, China’s efforts are significant and its ratification of the Paris Agreement ahead of the G-20 meeting is a key step for the entry into force of Kyoto’s successor.

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Antxon Olabe, Mikel González-Eguino y Teresa Ribera. DT 12/2016 - 28/7/2016. Go to Spanish version

Brexit and climate change: recalibration ahead

Lara Lázaro-Touza. ARI 52/2016 - 4/7/2016.

The UK vote to leave the EU has caught the world off guard. Internationally there will be a delay in the EU’s ratification of the Paris Agreement. Uncertainty is the key word at present but both the climate challenge and existing climate commitments remain unchanged.

Spanish investors can capitalize on the low-carbon transition in Latin America

Guy Edwards & Lara Lázaro. ARI 33/2016 - 25/4/2016.

The implementation of the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) offer significant opportunities for Spanish investors while supporting Latin American countries in the achievement of low-carbon and resilient development. Institutional, knowledge and infrastructure challenges require attention to maximise these opportunities.