Cambio Climático / Climate Change

How Can Spain Benefit from a Climate Deal in Copenhagen? (WP)

Rolando Fuentes. WP 62/2009 - 11/12/2009.

Spain, on its own, is not a key player in the negotiations for the potential successor of the Kyoto Protocol that is expected to be ‘politically agreed’ at the Climate Change Summit in Copenhagen.However, Spain can play an important role in that it will occupy the Presidency of the EU during the first half of 2010. Moreover, Spain could influence the negotiations towards win-win situations for the country.

The Amazonian Conflict: Biodiversity, Native Communities and Sustainable Development (ARI)

Luis Esteban González Manrique. ARI 151/2009 - 28/10/2009. Go to Spanish version

The resignation of the Peruvian Prime Minister, Yehude Simon, and the congressional repeal of two of the main legislative decrees that opened extensive Amazonian zones to commercial exploitation have provided a merely temporary relief to the reigning tension. The situation is similar, to varying degrees, in the other South-American countries that share the Amazon basin.

The Way to a New Deal on Climate Change (WP)

Mikel González-Ruiz de Eguinon and Antxon Olabe. WP 40/2009 - 20/7/2009.

Within a few months, on 7 December 2009, 195 countries will meet in Copenhagen with a common mission: to find a way out of the climate change crisis. The Climate Change Conference –COP15 in United Nations jargon– aims to lay the foundations of a post-Kyoto agreement that provides workable solutions for a problem that threatens ‘to lead to some impacts that could be abrupt and irreversible’ and undermine global security.

Titulo en Inglés

Gonzalo Sáenz de Miera y Miguel Ángel Muñoz Rodríguez. DT 37/2009 - 15/07/2009. Go to Spanish version