Cambio Climático / Climate Change

The BP Spill: A Policy Turning Point or a Further Case of Fickle Social Ripples? (ARI)

Paul Isbell and Lara Lázaro. ARI 140/2010 - 24/9/2010.

Despite the preliminary nature of the available data, what are the underlying, intermediate and proximate causes of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, its main consequences and possible future developments?

Uncertainty in Climate Change (WP)

A.T. Grove and E. Lopez-Gunn. WP 25/2010 - 22/07/2010.

This Working Paper reviews the main reasons why definite and conclusive evidence in the field of climate change is almost an impossibility. It analyses the main elements that explain natural climatic change and reflects on the high level of uncertainty in the system, which in many ways is inherent to the system itself, and presents the latest evidence.

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Alberto J. Ribes Leiva. DT 23/2010 - 19/07/2010 . Go to Spanish version

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Eloy Álvarez Pelegry. DT 20/2010 - 28/06/2010. Go to Spanish version

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Santiago García Acuña. DT 18/2010 - 14/06/2010. Go to Spanish version

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Rafael Fernández. ARI 94/2010 - 10/06/2010. Go to Spanish version

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Rafael Fernández. ARI 80/2010 - 03/05/2010. Go to Spanish version

Key Strategic Decisions for Europe in Energy and Climate Change (ARI)

Paul Isbell and Federico Steinberg. ARI 76/2010 - 26/4/2010.

Europe’s goal is to design a coherent energy policy, supported by all of its member states, that allows it to blend the international leadership it has already exercised and demonstrated on climate change.

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Fernando M. Tabernero Duque. ARI 70/2010 - 19/04/2010. Go to Spanish version

Climate Change and Business: Eurostar’s Environmental Action Plan and its Communication –Lessons Learnt and Guidelines– (ARI)

Simon Montague. ARI 68/2010 - 12/4/2010.

Businesses are under increasing pressure from customers and governments to reduce their environmental impact. This ARI examines the challenges and benefits of adopting an environmental plan.