Indo-Pakistani Relations After 26/11 (ARI)

Bahukutumbi Raman. ARI 20/2009 - 3/2/2009.

The author examines the prospects for Indo-Pakistani relations after the 26-29 November 2008 terrorist attack in Mumbai.

China Returns to Africa: Anatomy of an Expansive Engagement (WP)

Chris Alden, Dan Large and Ricardo Soares de Oliveira. WP 51/2008 - 11/12/2008.

This paper presents a scoping analysis of the main contours of relations, offering an anatomy of key dimensions of an expansive Chinese engagement in the continent that remains dynamic.

In Spain's interest: A Committed Foreign Policy

José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. (Translated from Spanish) - 2/7/2008. Go to Spanish version

An address by the Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero at the Prado Museum (Madrid) on 16 June 2008 organised by the Elcano Royal Institute, with the collaboration of the following Spanish institutions: CIDOB Foundation, FRIDE, ICEI and INCIPE. (This text is also available in French: Dans l’intérêt de l’Espagne: une politique extérieure engagée).

China Discovers Public Diplomacy (WP)

Jaime Otero Roth. WP 24/2007 - 1/6/2007.

China’s foreign policy has acquired more visibility and capacity for initiative in recent years, adapting both to the needs of its economic boom and the changing circumstances of international society.