India and Latin America: a new perception and a new partnership

Ambassador R. Viswanathan. ARI 37/2014 - 22/7/2014.

A new paradigm of both perception and of growth in the relations between India and Latin America is emerging, that should lead towards a longer-term partnership.

The EU and North Korea: stopping bombs, encouraging shops

Ramon Pacheco Pardo. ARI 32/2014 - 26/6/2014.

With North Korea unwilling to halt WMD proliferation yet in the middle of an opening up process, the EU’s policy has to carefully balance non-proliferation activities with economic engagement.

The rise of China and Asia: what the Elcano Global Presence Index tells us

Mario Esteban. ARI 21/2014 - 2/4/2014.

This paper uses data from the Elcano Global Presence Index to examine how Asia, and in particular China, are raising their global presence at a very swift pace.

North Korea and the December 2012 Rocket Launch: A New Deal?

Pablo Bustelo. Expert Comment 39/2012 - 14/12/2012.

On December 12 North Korea succeeded in putting into orbit a satellite (or other object) after the three stages of the Unha-3 rocket separated as planned. Contrary to the previous attempts, the launch was successful, the three-stage rocket functioned correctly and the satellite (or other object) now appears to be now orbiting the earth.

The European Union and the Emerging Asian Powers of China and India

Rajendra K. Jain. ARI 78/2012 - 19/11/2012.

The rise of China and the emergence of India pose intellectual, technological, organisational and political challenges for the European Union and for the West in general, but also provide opportunities.

India’s New Foreign Policy

C. Raja Mohan. ARI 65/2012 - 17/10/2012

India’s foreign policy in the 21st century will remain rooted in core values, but Delhi must necessarily adapt to changing external circumstances and shifting domestic needs.

Are North Korea’s Missile Threats Credible?

Pablo Bustelo. Expert Comment 28/2012 - 15/10/2012 .

Despite continuous efforts by the international community to achieve the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula, time is passing and working against this goal.

Difficult policy choices in China’s slowing economy

Pablo Bustelo. Expert Comment 16/2012 - 5/9/2012.

Contrary to expectations, China’s economy did not improve during the second quarter of this year (2Q12). Most surprising was the fact that economic conditions worsened despite significant monetary and fiscal easing in previous months.

The Economic Crisis and the Emerging Powers: Towards a New International Order?

Robin Niblett. 20/2/2012.

The real challenges to the existing international order will come not from the established or emerging powers, but from global forces that are beyond their control and also from those non-state entities and groups which seek to undermine the process of globalisation that links all states and societies ever closer together.

The Dilemmas of the Rise of China

Sun Xuefeng. 7/2/2012.

Why are there such contrasting perceptions on China’s rise between the Chinese and the rest of the world? What dilemmas is China beginning to face in the context of these different perceptions about its rise? What ways out of these dilemmas has China been seeking?