Working Papers (WP)

The Elcano Royal Institute's Working Papers are longer documents of an academic nature -usually between 12,000 and 15,000 words long, with footnotes and bibliographies- on current international affairs of relevance to Spain or on different aspects of Spain's foreign policy and security.

Spain and the prospect of Brexit

Salvador Llaudes, Ignacio Molina, Miguel Otero Iglesias and Federico Steinberg. Elcano Policy Paper 3/2018 - 15/6/2018.

The decision of the British people to leave the EU has consequences not only for the UK but also for the remaining 27 EU member states, and more particularly for Spain.

The international aid of subnational governments: the case of Spain

Aitor Pérez. WP 10/2018 (English version) - 25/4/2018.

Spanish Autonomous Communities (regions) and municipalities gave some US$220 million in development assistance in 2015. This accounts for a third of total Spanish bilateral ODA, making Spain the world’s most decentralised donor.

Europe in 2030: four alternative futures

Luis Simón & Ulrich Speck (eds.). Elcano Policy Paper 2/2017 - 26/12/2017.

The broader question looming over this exercise is whether Europe will be a geopolitical subject or an object, ie, an actor in its own right or a playground for great-power competition. It sketches out four possible answers that rely on the views of four foreign-policy experts on how the future of Europe in 2030 might unfold.

Is Latin America part of the West?

Emilio Lamo de Espinosa. WP 14/2017 - 4/12/2017.

Can we talk of a separate Latin American civilisation as distinct from Western civilisation?

Spain and India: seeking stronger bilateral relations

Rubén Campos Palarea & Jayshree Sengupta. WP 02/2017 (paper format, English version) - 14/11/2017.

This working paper is a joint project by Spain’s Elcano Royal Institute and India’s Observer Research Foundation in the context of the commemoration of 60 years of diplomatic relations between India and Spain and the recent official visit of Prime Minister Modi to Madrid.