Analyses of the Elcano Royal Institute (ARI)

The analyses are short pieces -of around 3,000 words- on aspects of current international affairs considered to be of relevance to Spain, its foreign policy or its security. In broad terms ARIs are intended to have a predictive bearing on events.

Renminbi internationalisation: stuck in mid-river – for now

Miguel Otero-Iglesias. ARI 84/2018 - 4/7/2018.

This paper looks at the internationalisation of the renminbi in May 2018, why it has stagnated since 2015 and what its possible future course might be.

Moroccans and the second generation among Jihadists in Spain

Fernando Reinares & Carola García-Calvo. ARI 82/2018 (English version) - 27/6/2018.

A large majority of Jihadists in Spain are either Moroccans or descendants of Moroccans. But it is more likely for someone of Moroccan origin to become involved in terrorist activities if living in Spain than if living in Morocco.

Voting at 16 in Austria: a possible model for the EU?

Paul Schmidt and Johanna Edthofer. ARI 88/2018 - 12/7/2018.

Austria has been the only country in the EU that allows voting at the age of 16 at all political levels. Could this be a future model for the EU?

Target 2030: illicit financial flows

Alex Cobham. ARI 81/2018 - 26/6/2018.

Target 16.4 in the UN Sustainable Development Goals is a global commitment to reduce the level of illicit financial flows. The target stands as a great achievement by civil society organisations, but there remain critical challenges, both technical and political, if progress is to be realised.

Shifting trafficking routes for illicit narcotics and the importance of Spain-US counter-narcotics cooperation

Eric L. Olson & Nina Gordon. ARI 79/2018 - 25/6/2018.

Flows of illicit drugs transiting the Atlantic into Spain from the Americas are of growing concern to Spain and the US with law enforcement, judicial, military and intelligence agencies intensifying cooperation in an effort to disrupt the global distribution of illicit drugs.