Anuario Elcano América Latina 2002-2003

Coordinated by: Carlos Malamud & Paul Isbell

Since its inception, the Elcano Royal Institute has considered Latin America one of its priorities, not only on account of the region’s historical cultural and linguistic links with Spain but especially as regards the present and future of this close relationship. Proof of this special interest is Elcano’s Latin American Year-Book for 2002-03, the first in what we hope will be a long-running series. The Year-Book has two sections, on respectively politics and economics, with contributions from leading scholars on both regional and national events and on the development of the relations between Spain and Latin America. The Year-Book also includes an easy-to-use Annex with detailed country-by-country information, including political and economic data. We believe this publication should prove to be a significant contribution to the research and debate on the links uniting Spain and Latin America.