Aitor Pérez

Senior Research Fellow

Aitor Pérez is a Senior Research Fellow at the Elcano Royal Institute and consultant in development cooperation. He holds a BA in Economics (University of Zaragoza and Paris II) and an MA in European Union (Royal Institute of European Studies). He has worked in development cooperation since 1997 with several NGOs projects in Africa and Latin America. Since 2008, he has been external consultant for institutions such as Action Against Hunger, Club of Madrid, the European Commission and the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs.

Áreas de investigación: his work in the Iinternational Cooperation & Development research area is focused on the private sector. He has participated in the development of an analytical framework to understand the impact of investment in development, and in some case studies on multinationals, funds investing and SMEs in Dominican Republic, Brazil, Colombia, Morocco and Algeria. He has also worked in other lines of research related to the policy coherence for development, donor coordination and the Spanish international development cooperation policy. His work had the cooperation and/or support of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC), the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) and the European Parliament.

Selected publications: Foreign investment, but with local content: development strategies in Brazil (Working Paper nº 17/2013, Elcano Royal Institute), The cost of non-Europe in development policy. Case study: Morocco (with I.Olivié and R. Domínguez. European Added Value, European Parliament, 2013), Development outcomes from reimbursable aid to the private sector: a case study in Colombia (with I. Olivié, Working Paper nº 10/2013, Elcano Royal Institute), La contribución de la inversión extranjera al desarrollo de Marruecos: del ajuste estructural a la respuesta a la primavera árabe (with I. Olivié and M. Gracia, Documento de Trabajo nº 9/2013, Real Instituto Elcano), ¿Más allá del hidrocarburo? Modalidades de inversión extranjera y sus efectos en el desarrollo de Argelia (with I. Olivié and M. Gracia, Documento de Trabajo nº 8/2013, Real Instituto Elcano), La “caja negra” del impacto de la inversión directa en el desarrollo: propuesta de un marco teórico (with I. Olivié and C. Macías, Documento de Trabajo nº 24/2010, Real Instituto Elcano).