Executive Committee

The executive body of the Institute, acting on the instructions of the Board of Trustees, is the Executive Committee, presided over by the chairman of the Board of Trustees. All members of the committee are designated by the trustees and are elected for renewable periods of five years.

It is up to the Committee to supervise fulfilment of the objectives and budgets of the Board of Trustees, to approve those events not specified in the Annual Programme but considered to be in the interest of the Institute, to propose new trustees and to examine the grounds on which agreements and protocols can be subscribed to. It also decides how available funds are distributed and applied, within the guidelines laid down by the Board of Trustees.

Executive Committee Members

Emilio Lamo de Espinosa
Elcano Royal Institute
Rafael Estrella
Deputy Chairman.
Elcano Royal Institute
Charles Powell
Elcano Royal Institute
Juan Antonio Yáñez-Barnuevo
Ambassador of Spain 
(Proposed by the Socialist Party PSOE)
Ildefonso Castro
Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.
Ministry Foreign Affairs and Cooperation
Almirante Juan Francisco Martínez Núñez
Secretary General for Defence Policy.
Ministry of Defence
Oscar Sáenz de Santa María Gómez-Mampaso
Directorate General for Policies on Cultural Industries and Books.
Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport
Mª Luisa Poncela García
Secretary of State for Trade.
Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness
Luis Gimeno
General Counsel.
Macarena Gutiérrez
Economic and Financial Excecutive Director.
Atlantic Copper
Fernando Gutiérrez
Chairman's Office.
Carlos Gómez-Múgica Sanz
Director of Institutional Relations, Airbus Group en España.
Airbus Group
Jesús Saldaña
Business Development General Management.
Jordi García Tabernero
Managing Director of Communication and Institutional Relations.
Gas Natural Fenosa
Juan Manuel Cendoya
Vice-Chairman of the Board of Santander Spain.
Santander Group
Nieves Delgado
GB Enterprise Sales Vicepresident.
IBM España
Ángeles Santamaría Martín
Iberdrola España
Jesús Echevarría
General Director of Institutional Relations.
Íñigo de Palacio
International Affairs Director.
Julio Iglesias de Ussel
General Secretary.
Juan-Miguel Villar Mir Foundation
Juan Carlos Gallego
Executive Director of the Chairman's Technical Secretariat Office.
Lorenzo Cooklin Díaz
General Director of Fundación Mutua Madrileña / Director of Communications, Corporate Identity and CSR.
Mutua Madrileña
Beatriz de Munck Loyola
Director of the Chairman’s Office and Institutional Relations.
Red Eléctrica de España
Diego Molero
Director of the Chairman’s Office.
Ángel Luis Bautista Fernández
Corporate Director of Institutional Relations.
Hipólito Suárez Gutiérrez
General Counsel, Aernnova Aerospace.
Trinidad Jiménez
Global Strategy Director of Public Affairs.
José Manuel Romero
Secretary of the Board of Trustees.

(Updated: 10/5/2018)