Catalonia’s independence bid: how did we get here? What is the European dimension? What next?

Elcano Royal Institute, 17/10/2017.

This special dossier aims to provide an overview and background information on Catalonia’s independence bid, the attempts to ‘internationalise the conflict’ and its European dimension, and the possible future scenarios.

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Climate change & COP23: urgency, exams, rules and the Talanoa spirit

Lara Lázaro-Touza. ARI 1/2018 - 11/1/2018.

International resolve to address climate change infused COP23 with an inclusive spirit that resulted in enough progress to take us through to negotiation crunch-time at COP24. The well-below 2ºC degree guardrail, our collectively agreed temperature goal, is still however stubbornly out of reach.

Europe in 2030: four alternative futures

Luis Simón & Ulrich Speck (eds.). Elcano Policy Paper 2/2017 - 26/12/2017.

The broader question looming over this exercise is whether Europe will be a geopolitical subject or an object, ie, an actor in its own right or a playground for great-power competition. It sketches out four possible answers that rely on the views of four foreign-policy experts on how the future of Europe in 2030 might unfold.

How are the Russians celebrating the centennial of the Revolution?

Mira Milosevich-Juaristi. ARI 104/2017 (English version) - 18/12/2017.

The attitude of the Russians towards the historical legacy of the Revolution is ambiguous and confused, leading to a sense of apathy with respect to the current regime.

Spain in the world: an analysis of the Elcano Global Presence Index 2016

Iliana Olivié, Manuel Gracia and María Dolores Gomariz . ARI 103/2017 (English version) - 15/12/2017.

Spain maintains its 12th position in the Elcano Global Presence Index, although it has lost some measure of global presence in all of its dimensions (as have the other countries of the region).

The Strategic Review of French National Defence and Security in 2017

Félix Arteaga. Expert Comment 52/2017 (English version) - 12/12/2017.

Although the title of this comment suggests something different, the Strategic Review focuses on the defence and armed forces of France, and not on the country’s national security.

Strategic autonomy and European defence

Félix Arteaga. ARI 102/2017 (English version) - 12/12/2017.

The most oft-repeated objective of the re-launching of European defence is to achieve strategic autonomy for the EU. Despite its frequent invocation, the concept of strategic autonomy has different meanings and purposes.

Austria in Europe: dynamic perceptions and ambiguous politics

Paul Schmidt. ARI 101/2017 - 11/12/2017.

After snap legislative elections in October a new government coalition will now redefine Austria’s commitment to European integration.

Latin America at the beginning of a decisive electoral triennium (2017-19)

Rogelio Núñez. ARI 99/2017 (English version) - 7/ 12/2017.

In November 2017 Latin America begins a long and intense electoral period that will last until 2019 and during which 14 countries will hold presidential elections. At stake is the adjustment of the region’s economies to the new international context and the confirmation –or not– that Latin America is experiencing a general change in political tendency.

Is Latin America part of the West?

Emilio Lamo de Espinosa. WP 14/2017 - 4/12/2017.

Can we talk of a separate Latin American civilisation as distinct from Western civilisation?

The ‘combination’: an instrument in Russia’s information war in Catalonia

Mira Milosevich-Juaristi. ARI 92/2017 (English version) - 20/11/2017.

During the independence referendum in Catalonia, Russia used the ‘combination’ (kombinaciya), an operation can integrate instruments such as cyber warfare, cyber-intelligence, disinformation, propaganda and collaboration with players hostile to the values of liberal democracy.

Spain and India: seeking stronger bilateral relations

Rubén Campos Palarea & Jayshree Sengupta. WP 02/2017 (paper format, English version) - 14/11/2017.

This working paper is a joint project by Spain’s Elcano Royal Institute and India’s Observer Research Foundation in the context of the commemoration of 60 years of diplomatic relations between India and Spain and the recent official visit of Prime Minister Modi to Madrid.

The potential impact of the Catalan crisis on the Spanish economy

William Chislett. Expert Comment 47/2017 - 8/11/2017.

The crisis in Catalonia, sparked by the regional government’s illegal proclamation of an independent state last month, is already exacting a toll on the Catalan economy.

The foreign policy of Xi Jinping after the 19th Congress: China strives for a central role on the world stage

Mario Esteban. ARI 87/2017 (English version) - 7/11/2017.

At the recent 19th Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping expounded upon the central features of Chinese foreign policy to be followed over the next five years.

Japan’s rosy short-term outlook masks the failure of Abenomics

Alicia Garcia Herrero & Kohei Iwahara. ARI 84/2017 - 2/11/2017.

Shinzō Abe won a majority in the elections to the Lower House of parliament held on 22 October, supported by a cyclical economic uptrend. However, without meaningful structural reforms to lift productivity, Japan’s long-term outlook remains gloomy.

The challenges of Rohani’s second term

Luciano Zaccara. ARI 83/2017 (English version) - 30/10/2017.

What are the domestic constraints (from the Revolutionary Guard to economic restrictions) and the external challenges (from the new tightening of US-Saudi relations to the crisis in the Gulf Cooperation Council) that re-elected President Hassan Rohani will face over the next four years?

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