Europe and China's New Silk Roads

Edited by Frans-Paul van der Putten, John Seaman, Mikko Huotari, Alice Ekman, Miguel Otero-Iglesias. European Think-tank Network on China (ETNC), January 2017.

Elcano Global Presence Report 2016

Iliana Olivié and Manuel Gracia. Elcano Royal Institute - 2016.

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Spain’s merchandise exports notch up yet another record

William Chislett. Expert Comment 8/2017 - 21/02/2017.

Spain’s exports of goods rose in 2016 for the seventh year running, defying expectations that they would tail off as the economy recovers and domestic consumption picks up.

Trump’s supply-side energy policy and the low-carbon transition

Paul Isbell. ARI 13/2017 - 17/2/2017.

Trump’s ‘supply-side’ energy policy proposals imply only minor impact on the trajectory of renewable energy and the low carbon transition; however, his trade and foreign policies could significantly magnify such impact.

Towards a post-Brexit ‘partnership for democracy’ between the EU and the UK

Pablo José Castillo Ortiz. Expert Comment 6/2017 - 17/2/2017.

In an era in which authoritarian populists have already started to cooperate, partnerships between democratic actors are more necessary than ever. A ‘democratic partnership’ between the EU and the UK would be a win-win situation for both parties.

European defence between the Global Strategy and its implementation

Félix Arteaga. WP 4/2017 (English version) - 16/2/2017.

The implementation of the Strategy comes at a time of highly adverse circumstances for the process of European integration, so that its development is not solely reliant on the content of the document or the determination of its backers.

The Spanish Exception: Unemployment, inequality and immigration, but no right-wing populist parties

Carmen González-Enríquez. WP 3/2017 - 13/2/2017.

Very few European countries have proven immune to the appeal of right-wing populism. Despite economic crisis and fast-eroding political trust, there is a remarkable absence of an electorally successful Spanish right-wing populist party.

EU-Mercosur: tapping the Atlantic’s potential

Paula Lamoso. Expert Comment 4/2017 - 31/1/2017.

Although the Mercosur-EU agreement is a first generation FTA, mainly focused on tariff reductions, it is also necessary to highlight its geo-political significance, and potential.

Making sense of Europe’s Southern Neighbourhood: Main Geopolitical and Security Parameters

Luis Simón and Vivien Pertusot. ARI 10/2017 - 30/01/2017.

Europe’s southern neighbourhood is a diverse but interlinked geopolitical ensemble, whose specificities need to be carefully assessed before Europeans devise dedicated security strategies, divide responsibilities and make policy decisions.

Cyprus’s elusive reunification: so near to a solution, yet so far

William Chislett. ARI 6/2017 - 19/1/2017.

UN-brokered talks to finally reunify Cyprus after 43 years offer hope, but obstacles remain and any deal would have to be approved in referendums on both sides.

A strategy for Europe’s neighbourhood: keep resilient and carry on?

Sven Biscop. ARI 4/2017 - 16/1/2017.

If it cannot offer more than building up resilience, the EU risks locking itself out of its own neighbourhood. Would sovereignty and equality not be a better Leitmotiv for its strategy?

Trump and the defence of Europe

Daniel Keohane. Expert Comment 2/2017 - 12/1/2017.

No one knows what US President-elect Trump will do in office. Will he cut a geopolitical deal with Russian President Putin? Will he keep American soldiers in Europe? Or worse, even rip up the North Atlantic treaty?

Three’s company? France, Germany, the UK and European defence post-Brexit

Daniel Keohane. ARI 1/2017 - 5/1/2017.

It is vital that France, Germany and the UK cooperate constructively on military matters after the British leave the European Union.

Italy and Spain: a tale of two countries

Sebastián Puig & Ángel Sánchez. Expert Comment 1/2017 - 4/1/2017.

While Italy is still more economically powerful than Spain, it displays more structural imbalances and declining trends.

Patterns of involvement among individuals arrested for Islamic State-related terrorist activities in Spain, 2013-2016

Carola García-Calvo and Fernando Reinares. 29/12/2016.

Research on the case of Spain conducted by the Program on Global Terrorism at Elcano Royal Institute confirms that the terrorist threat posed by Islamic State is highly networked and organized.

European institutional responses to the recent developments in Turkey: divided in unity?

Ilke Toygür. Expert Comment 52/2016 - 23/12/2016.

The institutional division between the European Parliament, the Commission and the Council regarding Turkey has become even more visible over the last months. Both Member States and institutions are divided on the steps that are required to be taken.

Will Trump cut a deal with Putin?

Ulrich Speck. Expert Comment 51/2016 - 22/12/2016.

A deal between Putin and Trump would not change the underlying reality. It is not Western influence which undermines the Kremlin’s influence in the former Soviet space but its failure to deliver the kind of governance people want.

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