Working Papers (WP)

The Elcano Royal Institute's Working Papers are longer documents of an academic nature -usually between 12,000 and 15,000 words long, with footnotes and bibliographies- on current international affairs of relevance to Spain or on different aspects of Spain's foreign policy and security.

European defence between the Global Strategy and its implementation

Félix Arteaga. WP 4/2017 (English version) - 16/2/2017.

The implementation of the Strategy comes at a time of highly adverse circumstances for the process of European integration, so that its development is not solely reliant on the content of the document or the determination of its backers.

The Spanish Exception: Unemployment, inequality and immigration, but no right-wing populist parties

Carmen González-Enríquez. WP 3/2017 - 13/2/2017.

Very few European countries have proven immune to the appeal of right-wing populism. Despite economic crisis and fast-eroding political trust, there is a remarkable absence of an electorally successful Spanish right-wing populist party.

The challenges facing the ‘new’ Spain

William Chislett. WP 14/2016 - 3/11/2016.

The new minority Popular Party government faces a bumpy ride as it gets to grips with a series of problems that will significantly shape Spain’s economic and political future.

China in Latin America: Repercussions for Spain

Mario Esteban (coord.). WP 3/2015 (printed, English version) - October 2015.

The strengthening of ties between China and Latin America has a double-edged impact on Spanish interests.

The 2015 Spanish General Election: political parties’ international priorities

Real Instituto Elcano. (English version). December 2015.

Last summer, the Elcano Royal Institute decided to ask to the main political forces a series of questions on the major issues of foreign and European policy. The 20 or so questions that were posed seek to offer the reader a more or less complete, although not excessively detailed, overview of the main priorities in the foreign agendas of the Spanish political parties.