Business Advisory Council

Working alongside the trustees is a group of companies which contribute to its funding. These members are considered as corporate founders and constitute the Business Advisory Council.

Among the tasks of the Business Advisory Council is that of advising the Board of Trustees and its Executive Committee on the activities they undertake, drawing up its own working proposals, and providing backing for meetings and other means of disseminating the information generated by the Institute. The Council meets periodically.

CAF - Development Bank fo Latin America

Enrique García Rodríguez (Executive President and CEO)


Borja Acha (Secretary, Board of Directors)

Escribano Mechanical & Engineering

Ángel Escribano Ruiz (President)

Fundación Caja Sol

Antonio Pulido Gutiérrez (Chairman)

Gas Natural Fenosa

Rafael Villaseca Marco (CEO)


Luis Gallego Martin (Chairman & CEO)

(Updated: 16/3/2017)

CAF. Elcano 2015
Endesa. Elcano 2016
Escribano Mechanical & Engineering. Elcano 2017
Fundación Caja Sol. Elcano 2015
Gas Natural. Elcano 2017
Iberia. Elcano 2013