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European Global Strategy (EGS) / Estrategia Global Europea (EGE). Elcano 2013

Análisis y contribuciones a la Estrategia Global Europea

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European Global Strategy Project

EGS Final ReportInforme final de la Estrategia Global Europea. Ver también: resumen ejecutivo (en inglés).

In search of a global strategy
DI - 11/7/2013

The European Global Strategy report – which was recently presented in Brussels – is a contribution to the strategic debate within the EU. At the same time, it is not the final answer. The foreign ministers of Poland, Italy, Sweden and Spain -Radosław Sikorski, Emma Bonino, Carl Bildt and José Manuel García-Margallo y Marfil- "argue that Europe needs a strategic framework to help it navigate a more complex world" in this article published in European Voice.

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EGS 6/2013 - 27/5/2013
Ignacio Molina and Alicia Sorroza
This policy paper focuses on the European External Action Service, aiming to describe and analyse some of the most important issues regarding one of the main instruments through which the EU can exercise its global leadership.

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EGS 5/2013 - 27/5/2013
Natividad Fernández Sola
The EU plays a role as a regional security organisation within the UN. Its contribution to global governance can be improved but strategic decisions need to be taken on potential new missions for the Common Security and Defence Policy, beyond crisis management and in line with the values that guide the EU’s relationship with the UN Security Council.

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EGS 4/2013 - 17/4/2013
Beatriz Pérez de las Heras
Beyond their environmental impact, climate change and energy security involve associated risks related to economic vulnerability and international security. Addressing these challenges will require a new, ambitious multilateral post-Kyoto agreement and a global deal between energy suppliers and importers. Sharing competences on climate-energy issues, the EU and Member States have a responsibility to provide joint, effective responses at the global governance level.

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EGS 3/2013 - 1/4/2013
César de Prado
The EU and its member states are designing differing strategies to engage with Asia and its various regional processes that could be made to complement each other if they were to be developed from a common outlook.

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TGAE-Elcano 4/2013 - 26/3/2013
Carmen González, Roderick Parkes, Alicia Sorroza and Andreas Ette
It is still impossible to evaluate the Blue Card’s effect but the changes that have taken place in the European migratory framework since its approval in 2009 should now allow the re-drafting of the Directive to offer a more attractive channel to qualified immigrants.

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TGAE-Elcano 3/2013 - 26/3/2013
Daniela Schwarzer, Federico Steinberg and Diego Valiante
Since the introduction of the euro in 1999, the external representation of the eurozone has been incrementally developed, but no formal amendments have been made. This Policy Paper discusses the case for a consolidated representation of the eurozone in international economic fora, analyses the obstacles to achieving it, and puts forward proposals to solve some of the existing obstacles.

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TGAE-Elcano 2/2013 - 25/3/2013
Gonzalo Escribano
Renewable energies remain marginal in the European neighbourhood, and their contribution to economic and human development is still largely unexplored.

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TGAE-Elcano 1/2013 - 22/3/2013
Haizam Amirah-Fernández and Timo Behr
The fall of the wall of fear in Arab societies represents a major challenge, of unknown proportions for Europe, but also an unprecedented opportunity for building a new regional stability based on good governance, inclusive development and mutually beneficial exchanges.

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EGS 2/2013 - 19/3/2013
Luis Simón
Unless Europeans acknowledge the importance of military force and the ability to project power on a global scale, any discussions on strategy or foreign policy will be largely futile.

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EGS 1/2013 - 19/3/2013
Manuel Montobbio
¿Qué significa el multilateralismo efectivo y qué implicaciones tiene en la estrategia y acción de la UE? ¿Hasta qué punto puede seguir constituyendo la idea fuerza o concepto guía en el horizonte 2030? ¿Convendría pensar alternativamente en otro?

ARI 95/2012 - 31/12/2012
Martín Ortega Carcelén
Se ha puesto en marcha la preparación de una Estrategia Global Europea, un documento que ayudará a reflexionar sobre la razón de ser de la UE en el mundo.

ARI 92/2012 - 21/12/2012
Ignacio Molina y Alicia Sorroza
La puesta en marcha del Servicio Europeo de Acción Exterior y la crisis económica y financiera que afecta a Europa y a España propician un debate en profundidad sobre el futuro de la diplomacia española.

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ARI 82/2012 - 10/12/2012
Gonzalo Escribano
Although the emergence of the US as an unconventional energy power is shifting the global energy balance, its geopolitical consequences for the EU should not be exaggerated and should not distract attention from Europe’s already pressing energy policy agenda.

ARI 61/2012 - 27/9/2012
Carlos Malamud
Las negociaciones entre la UE y Mercosur, reanudadas con grandes expectativas tras la Cumbre Alcue de Madrid en mayo de 2010, parecen estar en vía muerta. Los recientes sucesos en Mercosur y la crisis europea hacen sumamente difícil, si no imposible, llegar a un acuerdo.

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